Who we are

Van Bussel is a veal farm located in the South East of the Netherlands. Over six thousand rosé veal calves are being taking care of in an animal friendly way at three different locations. Looking after the health and welfare of the animals is crucial in order to produce the best quality of rosé veal.

Wie wij zijn
Wat wij doen

What we do

The gist of Van Bussel is rearing up rosé veal calves to the age of eight to twelve months, also called old rosé. Van Bussel consists of two locations where over 5100 rosé calves are being fattened. In addition, we have a breeding company in our possession, where more than 900 calves are being held in order to be transported to a feedlot location at a later stage. Furthermore, the yearly corn harvest is executed in-house with our own equipment.

How do we work

Supply and discharge takes place on a weekly basis at our locations. Over 60% of the start calves is bought at breeding companies. The remaining 40% is raised and fattened in-house. The rosé veal calves are being fattened until the age of 8-12 months in the category of old rosé and consequently sold to slaughterhouses. A part of the meat is transported directly abroad via our own distribution channel.

Van Bussel aims for a local sales process by using our own transportion vehicles as much as possible and cooperating with slaughterhouses and deboners from the nearby environment. This promotes animal welfare.

Hoe wij werken