About us

Van Bussel is a veal farm located in the South East of the Netherlands. Over six thousand rosé veal calves are being taking care of in an animal friendly way at three different locations. Looking after the health and welfare of the animals is crucial in order to produce the best quality of rosé veal. The calves are reared up to the age of eight to twelve months, and consequently are being sold to slaughterhouses in the category of old rosé. A part of the calve meat is exported abroad through our own distribution channel.

Van Bussel

Van Bussel agriculture company

Feedlot location with 3700 livestocks


Feedlot location with 1400 livestocks

Bussel Trade

Breeding site with 3700 livestocks

How we work

Weekly supply and discharge

The best calves are raised, selected carefully, slaughtered and boned on a weekly basis.


Fattening of rosé veal calves in the category of old rose, with an age varying between 8 and 12 months.


We engage in a lot of corporation with local entrepreneurs in order to promote animal welfare.

Own distribution channel

A part of the (weekly) meat discharge is carried directly to shops via short lines.

Own feedlot location

40% Of the supply of the start calves comes from our own breeding business.

Corn harvest

Also the yearly maize harvest is executed in-house with our own equipment.

Veal farm


Koe + Stier = Kalf

Before the production of milk a cow has to calve.

Distribution center


Sorting and grouping of newborn calves within the age of 2 to 3 weeks.

Breeding business


Newborn calves are being raised until start calves with an average of 11 weeks.

Feedlot business


Start calves are being fattened in the following categories:

White to 7 months

Young rosé to 8 months

Old rosé 8 to 12 months

Red 12 months and older



'Fat' calves are being sold to slaughterhouses at the end of the fattening period.

Rosé calves

Rosé calves are staying in the stables until they are ready for slaughter. During the fattening period, we apply a balanced ration consisting of milk, pellets, corn and forage. At a slaughter age of 7-12 months the calves are being discharged for the production of veal. Rosé veal has way more taste compared to white veal, and is because of its young age really soft and tender.

3 Locations
27 Stables
6000 Calves

Van Bussel BV

Gevlochtsebaan 21
The Netherlands